Theo Fennell's project with CSM UAL






Five stones and five master jewellers of the future star in Theo Fennell's latest design project supporting his ongoing mission to nurture the future leaders of jewellery design. Selecting five talented students in their final year of Central Saint Martins' BA Jewellery course in December last year, Theo Fennell presented each student with their own stone: an emerald cut Green Tourmaline, a marquise Golden Beryl, a heart shaped Padparadscha Sapphire, an oval Pink Tourmaline and an Oval Tsavorite Garnet.


Incorporating their stone into a unique piece of jewellery, the talented students were then given the opportunity to oversee the entire creation; selecting a material of their choice and then working with some of the country's most experienced and talented craftsmen in our Fulham Road workshop to bring their one of a kind design to life. 


The finished creations will be available for jewellery lovers to admire (and buy) in our flagship store from Monday 20th April, so please do come and invest in the jewellery stars of tomorrow! 


Featuring: Sarah Howson with the Padparadscha Sapphire, Leonid Dementiev with the Tsavorite Garnet, Zuleika Penniman with the Golden Beryl, Tiffany Baehler with the Green Tourmaline and Lola (Ying) Lou with the Pink Tourmaline. 



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