One of the most unisex bangles in the collection to wear every day without taking off. It is set with a stone of your choice and colour and size of the stone can vary from 1.7-2.1mm. Hand forged with 18k yellow Gold this bangle is malluable and the wave pattern flows around the wrist shaped for an absolute comfort. Elegant wave pattern creates a structure of superb strength and flexibility. The lock makes it easy to put on without a hustle and is a perfect present - just choose between average and medium size.A personal message can be engraved on the inside next to the stone for additional small charge. Approx. dimentions: 55mm x 4mm x 4mm Materials: 18k yellow Gold, a gemstone of your choiceCan be ordered in white and pink gold of a variety of Karats.

Eternity bracelet with hinge, lock and safety clasp.


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