Unisex Black Ocean bracelet to wear every day. Available in a variety of colours (including pearl colour) to give a very distinctive style. Grey gunpowder colour rhodium ages in a very beautiful way revealing silver from underneath and gives a beautiful mixture of grey, dark grey, black and silver colours after wearing it for some time. Hand forged with sterling Silver this bangle is maluable and the wave pattern flows around the wrist shaped for an absolute comfort. Elegant wave pattern creates a structure of superb strength and flexibility. The shape of the bracelet is not sipmly round but is made for a slightly more oval shape of a wrist. Set with a beautiful high quality Tahitian pearls always chosen specifically to the bangle.


Approx. dimentions: 6cm x 1.5cm x 1.5cm


Materials: Sterling Silver, grey gunpowder rhodium plating, baroque pearls.

Can be ordered in 18k white, yellow and pink Gold with similar plating colours.

Black Ocean bracelet


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