This ring is the one to remember by anyone who sees on a finger! The stone is in the centre of attention and the special setting lets its best qualities to shine in all its glory. The signature wave of Leonid Dementiev brand gently flows around the finger giving volume and solid structure.


All my designs of engagement rings celebrate the precious moment of two people beginning a lifetime together. Each diamond is hand-selected for exceptional sparkle and is set either in gold or platinum for you to choose.


Each ring is unique in many ways, please send me a message or give me a call to discuss the possibilities! The price of £7000 is an approximate price (including the stone of a certain size and quaility and additional personalisation) to give an example; it will be different for each order as the price depends on many factors such as stone size, colour, other charachteristics and others.

Engagement ring 0.7-1.2Carat size


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