My everyday inspiration has always been my great grandfather, stories of whom I have heard so many times from my mother. The most treasured values that I stand for and believe in are what I gathered from those stories. He was a self-taught master artisan, famous for the quality of his work and highest level of craftsmanship in silver and iron. It takes a heart of great passion for learning the true essence of material to become a self taught blacksmith. He had to practically reinvent many techniques of the craft and experiment with materials, shape and patterns to achieve the quality he was striving for. I feel that we share the same passion. I suppose this fascination with material can be traced from my early childhood in sculpting a range of highly delicate and detailed figurines inspired by the day to day life of people and the indigenous creatures of Nepal where I’ve spent the most unforgettable years of my childhood. I was enchanted by the tactile qualities of clay and how it allowed me to see and understand the material at a much deeper level.

Passion for material exploration and world cultures grew.

Studying at Saint Martins in London allowed me to explore my creative style and be free in my personal discovery of a wide range of materials and old crafting techniques such that my great grandfather used in his blacksmithing workshop in the Southern region of Don. After earning a design degree at Central Saint Martins I worked for several years on developing my own unique style and like my great-grandfather studying old techniques and precious metals. I translated them into works of gold, pearls and gemstones.

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